About the Museum of What

The Museum Of What is a fabulous pop-up experience that travels from city to city with incredible picture perfect displays and fun interactive exhibits appropriate for all ages!



Wings Tour, Anaheim CA

The Museum Of What WINGS TOUR includes over 15 picture perfect enchanting wing displays and interactive exhibits. Take the most incredible selfies as you transform into a glamorous angel with 12’ angel wings, become a magical fairy with shimmering pixie wings, and dance in the garden with colorful butterfly wings.

Let your imagination play at the Museum Of What WINGS TOUR as you stroll through our interactive fairy tale exhibits and create magical memories.

Our Mission

At the Museum Of What, we believe everyone is welcome and everyone should feel loved. We passionately promote the arts and want to encourage both children and adults alike to live, love, and laugh through creativity and imagination. We also believe in giving back to the local community and have teamed up with special charities to support.



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